Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Special Delivery

When I got a message that I had a package waiting for me in our mail room on Monday, I immediately tried to remember what impulse purchase I'd forgotten about over the past couple of weeks... Surely not another pretty handbag -- the kate spade sample sale did a great job of filling that void in my life. Or perhaps some new summery sandals? But no, even I have finally admitted that my overflowing closet is in need of an intervention...

So imagine my delight when it wasn't a FedEx box of bangles or baubles at all, but instead... a feathery messenger who you had better be may be familiar with...

Yes, it seems that Hedwig had been tasked with tracking me down at my office in SoHo to deliver a mysterious message.

But where did she come from? What a silly question -- all the way from Hogwarts, of course! Look, there's even an official 'H' seal and everything:

And what was so incredibly important that it required the attention of such a trustworthy owl? It seems that a certain sweet someone was hoping that I might be able to reserve time this weekend for a bit of magical fun...

It probably won't come as any great surprise that I gladly accepted the 'Harry Potter Day' invitation (especially given my handsome and oh-so-creative escort for the day)... but unfortunately Hedwig's wings were a bit too tired to make another journey all the way up town to deliver my response. Luckily, that sample sale I mentioned earlier came in handy -- who knew that kate spade made the very chicest of owl carriers?


  1. LOVE. THIS.

    Oh that's quite the creative boy you have there friend. And seems like he also knows you just a lil bit...


  2. All the way from Hogwarts?! You're such a lucky lady... :)

  3. this is possibly the most ridiculous (and by that i mean WONDERFUL) thing i have ever heard.