Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Heart = Happy Dance

Sooo much Christmas cheer the past couple of weeks! And our office holiday party is tonight! And I just checked into my flight home to Texas in the morning! Aaand I'm already packed!

(Holy exclamation points, Batman...)

All this to say: I'm so giddy inside, I might just burst out into a spontaneous happy dance... or perhaps I just did in LJ's office... and perhaps it happened twice... and perhaps it looked a liiittle something like this (Oh, do be sure your speakers are on. Trust me.):

A special thanks to Liz for this little otter's stellar moves. There was really no better way to convey just how happy my heart is at this very moment... Wee!

Now. Go ahead and watch it again. You know you want to.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Every time a bell rings...

George: Now, will you do something for me?
Zuzu: What?
George: Will you try and get some sleep?
Zuzu: I'm not sleepy. I want to look at my flower.
George: I know, I know, but you just go to sleep. And then you can dream about it, and it'll be a whole garden.
Zuzu: It will?
George: Uh-huh.

Thanks for the reminder on this cold Thursday night, George Bailey. It really is a Wonderful Life.